Thursday, March 19, 2009


I haven't posted in awhile and I have been meaning to post this picture of Sydnie. She loves to get into my kitchen drawers and put on my oven mitts and walk around. I thought I would take a minute and write down some cute stories and some milestones. It seems like you will remember these things forever, but if you don't write them down, you find yourself regretting it.

Sydnie is almost 18months now, and I can't believe how it seems like she has turned into a little girl instead of my baby almost overnight. She has her own cute little personality and loves to do silly things to try and get her sisters to laugh. She loves to dance. I was trying her swimming suit on her the other day, and I think she thought it was a dance outfit like her older sisters wear. She immediately went out in the living room and started doing a little dance.

Lately she had been into dogs and kitty's. Every stuffed animal she picks up is either a doggy or a kitty. She is always walking around with them saying "meow, meow" or "woof, woof". She has also learned the word no, and thinks its fun to offer one of her toys to her sisters, then hurry and take it back and say "no!"

Syndie has always been such an affectionate baby, and is very generous with hugs and kisses. I have been going to nursery with her the last few weeks and its funny to watch her try to hug all the other kids. The usual response is a push or a hit back. I wonder how much longer she will try to get them to hug her back.

The other night I was having trouble getting her to bed, so I let her come in my bed. I was trying to ignore her and show her it was bed time, so I had my back turned and was pretending to sleep. She tried poking me and patting me to get my attention, finally crawled over the top of me and started giving me wet sloppy kisses. Of course I gave in, I turned around and laughed and gave her a hug.

Sydnie brings lots of joy to our family, she has been such an easy going baby and so easy to love. I think I have been more aware with her that they don't stay babies for long. I have tried to be more conscious of slowing down and just enjoying each stage, because I know I will blink my eyes and she will be heading off to kindergarten.


Kate & Jeremy said...

cute cute syd-na! getting so big. we haven't seen you guys forever! what are you guys doing for conference? probably hanging around here since you are going home for easter?? i'm excited to see you all! the plan is still pictures on sat before easter and the colors are black and white.
if we are both going to be around for conference, lets get together?? there might be a chance we have to go to idaho for jeremy's work.. but if not, lets plan on it?!
give everyone a squeeze for me.