Sunday, April 5, 2009

You've got to love spring!!!
Spring time where we live is always crazy. One day it will be freezing cold and snowing, the next day it will be sunny and 60 degrees outside!

This is the girls on Saturday we woke up to snow and they just had to get all dressed up in there snow clothes and go out and play in it.

This was Sunday, the very next day. The girls played outside most of the day, and we went for a walk to the park after conference. Here is Brianne on her bike, she has finally gotten the hang of going up and down all the hills we have in our neighborhood.


whit said...

That's exactly how the weather is here too... it will be in the 80's then in the 30's over a day. Got to love spring :)

Kate & Jeremy said...

jen! i'm impatiently waiting for florida pics! ha. hope you guys had so much fun.. hard not to there, right? i'm not going to lie... i'm pretty jealous.. can't wait to hear about it!