Friday, December 18, 2009

Sledding with the Jacksons
It has been so nice to get a little snow and have the weather turn a little warmer. I was getting tired of the single digit temperatures we had last week. Nancy and her family came for the weekend and just in time it snowed several inches overnight and we had a perfect day of sledding on Saturday. We are so lucky to have a sledding hill just up the street from our house. It is big enough to get a good ride, but not so big that the little kids can't make it up by themselves. Even Sydnie dared to go down by herself this year, although one of us would have to run down the hill after her and carry her back up.

Hayden and Kaylee ready to have Nancy push them down the hill.

Brianne and Sydnie getting ready to go down on the tube. Brianne was a die hard. She would sled down walk up the hill and go right back down again. She must have gone down the hill at least 20 times.

After awhile everyone got tired of going up and down the hill and we stopped to make a snow fort.

Nancy snapped a few shots for our Christmas card. I decided to post it here just in case I don't manage to get cards mailed to everyone this year. They turned out good, but I was disappointed in the quality of the prints I got from Sam's club this year. It wasn't the photo. I checked the resolution on my computer. So it must have been something weird with the uploading or printing process. I am going to send them out anyway. Oh well at least I tried.

Later that night we made apples we made around 80 apples it was quite the production line. I think that is the most we have ever made at one time.