Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sydnie first dance classes.
I decided to teach dance again this year mostly because of this cute little girl.....

So far she is loving it!!! If anyone has promise of being a dancer in our family, it is Sydnie. She gets so excited to go to class, and she pays such good attention. She is not one bit shy about trying all the dance steps I show her, as well as adding a few steps of her own for good measure. She definitely is the best dressed little dancer in her class. I have all of Brianne and Kaylee's old costumes and she has had fun wearing them to class. She looked so cute this last Monday, that I had to snap a few shots.
Here is a cute one I cropped to show her tap shoes, she looked so cute in them. I wanted a full length shot but she was pulling such silly faces I decided to crop it. I actually like the effect.

I decided to post this picture as well. We have been so excited about our grapes this year! We have had so many! Here is a picture of the purple ones. We have at least 4 different varieties. Green are my favorite, the purple ones taste too much like grape jelly to me. It has been fun to be able to just go out and pick a bowl full of fresh grapes this fall, I probably should make some grape juice but most likely I won't. I wish I inherited my moms canning and freezing genes but sadly they are lost on me. So instead I have this picture to remember them by, until next fall.
p.s. I updated my photo blog today as well check it out! I posted a link on my sidebar or you can just click on this one.