Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!
We had a great Halloween. I have been super busy with getting things ready for my craft show, so it has taken me awhile to post these pictures. The girls looked super cute. I had to take these pictures under our front porch because it was raining. We were a little worried it wouldn't stop for trick or treating. We had to do the trunk or treat inside the church because of the rain. Luckily it stopped just in time to get a little trick or treating in. The girls had fun, Brianne and Sydnie got cold pretty quickly, but Kaylee was tough and stayed out a little longer, she had made plans with her friends to go to a few houses all by themselves. Its hard to think she is getting that old!

Kaylee the Rocker!!!

Brianne the rocker!!! This was as close to a smile as I could get, I guess she was going for the tough look.

And Sydnie our little fairy princess!
Oh I almost forgot, I updated my photoblog. Go check it out, the link is on my sidebar.


Audrey said...

The girls have been asking and asking to see pictures of Brianne and Kaylee's halloween costume, so we were all excited to see this post :)