Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weeping Angel Halloween 2014

Haven't posted in awhile. Acutally not planning on starting again. Just needed a place to post these photos so I could share them on another site but enjoy anyway :) For Dr Who fans I made this costume for my daughter this year. I was so excited about how it turned out. Sorry about all the photos but you need to see different shots to appreciate it. She is a weeping angel:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marathon blogging session just got caught up!!!

I have been a slacker the last few months with my blogging. But since my blog is my main way I journal and organize my images I thought I better get caught up. I hadn't done any posts since Sydnies Birthday in September so I had quite a bit to get caught up on. We didn't have church today so I told myself today was the day I would get caught up. I finally did!!!

I mostly do this blog for my own journaling but if you want to get caught up with my life be sure to start back with my September posts :)

Ice Fishing and Sledding

We haven't had very much snow this year, it's only snowed a couple of times and only stuck twice. We did go up to the mountains to go ice fishing 1 time this year. There is a little bit more snow in the mountains but not much.

Ice fishing was a bust, it was really cold and the fish were not biting. Sydnie stuck with it the whole time though holding her pole and waiting for a bite:

The older girls gave up early and decided to go sledding with the ice fishing sled instead:

One of the two times the snow stuck this year I took Sydnie and her friend Tia up to our neighborhood hill and let them go sledding. I also took some stock photos :) They were really brave and dared to go down the hill all by themselves.

Kaylee's 11th Birthday

Despite my insisting that she had to stay 10 forever Kaylee went ahead and turned 11 anyway. I can't believe how old she is getting. Kaylee is truly a joy to our family. She is always trying her best to do what is right and be a good example to her younger sisters. I guess I will let her grow up as long as she stays as cute and as fun as she is right now.

She invited 3 of her closest friends to go to Classic fun center. They had so much fun playing laser tag, skating, going on the bounce houses and blast zone. Afterward we came home and had Owl cupcakes and opened presents.

Blowing out her candles:

For her birthday I made her a cherry pie. She doesn't really love cake and would much rather have a pie or a cheese cake for her birthday. After her reflections award ceremony we went to Olive Garden her favorite restaurant for dinner.

Kaylee opening her presents:

Brianne get Baptized!

We are so proud of Brianne and her decision to be baptized. She had an exciting baptism because she was baptized on new years eve. She got to have a party after her baptizm with her cousins, so the whole day was really fun and special.

We love Brianne she is a very thoughtful little girl. She is a very good helper and always the first one I go to when I need help with something. She often will do things for her sisters without me even asking. And even will spend her hard earned money on things for her sisters. We hope she will always remember this day and continue to make good choices and think of others.

I took a few pictures of her in her baptism dress a few weeks before her baptism. So I could use them on some baptism announcements I sent out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Here she is looking cute on the day of her baptism:

Here she is with here dad before they went and changed into their baptism clothes:

And here they are in their baptism jumpsuits ready to go to the font:

That night the Thornton cousins stayed for a new years eve party. We had fun playing games, like Bingo, and eating the marshmello off the string:

Merry Christmas 2011

Our Christmas started out with the ward Christmas party. The girls always enjoy sitting on Santas lap. Sydnie said she would not cry this year, and she didn't but she did look a bit nervous the whole time.




One Briannes Birthday we were also in Idaho for Christmas Parties. After Brianne opened her presents the rest of the cousins got to open their presents from Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins. Grandpa Thornton made some really fun handmade wooden gifts again this year. Brianne got a sewing machine and Sydnie got a mixer.

Christmas eve we were back home and ready for Santa to come. We always let the girls open their p.j.'s they get from Santa the night before. We also watch the church Christmas video and read the Christmas story from the Bible.

The girls all spent the night downstairs, here they are coming up to see what Santa brought them:

Sydnie opening up her stocking, here gifts this year were a singing Rapunzel doll, a princess scooter, a walking puppy and a rapunzel dress.

We played a little trick on the girls they had only asked for one scooter to share, they were excited to get it and posed while I took their picture.

Boy were they surprised when they went into the kitchen and found another scooter waiting for them. Santa brought them each a scooter this year!

Brianne took off full speed on her scooter, without even any instuction on how to stop. We were all a bit worried as she came down the hill. But she managed to stop.

Brianne is usually quite timid with these kind of things but she just took off without even a bit of timidness. If anything I had to tell her to slow down.

Kaylee was a pro in a matter of minutes.

And Sydnie had fun riding her new princess scooter, but was begging for a ride on the moterized scooter any chance she got:

Briannes turns Eight!!!!

I can't believe I have another girl old enough to get baptized. Brianne turned 8 this December, we had a fun friends birthday party for her a few days before her birthday. She wanted to go to a place called Jump on it for her party. So I let her invite a few of her friends and we all had fun jumping in a room full of trampolines.

For her birthday party I decided to make a doughnut cake. My girls love doughnuts and I hardly ever buy them so it's always a fun treat. Here she is ready to blow out her candles:

Here is the whole group of friends ready to go to Jump on it and have some fun:

Here is Brianne opening her prestents:

We were in Idaho on her Birthday so she got to have a party at Grandma Thorntons house with her cousins. I made a snowman cake for her. I'm not very good at decorating cakes but this one wasn't too hard:

Blowing out her candles:

Opening her presents Kaylee is always jealous because Brianne is around family over her birthday and gets more prestents. I guess having a birthday so close to Christmas isn't all bad.