Friday, November 14, 2008

We just got done with a two week session of swimming lessons. We have resorted to signing up for swimming lessons in the fall and in the spring instead of the summer. The only pool in the area serves several medium sized communities and it is nearly impossible to get a class in the summer. Brianne did well she is finally getting used to the water, she has always loved playing around in the pool but has a hard time getting her face in the water. This time with the help of some goggles she was more daring. Kaylee actually passed her class to the next level. She is getting to be a pretty good swimmer. In order to go to the next level she had to be able to swim 25 feet of the breast stroke and 25 feet of the back stroke. Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest I had to zoom in and I don't have the most steady hand when it is on zoom.

Here is Kaylee doing some life jacket training. She is the one with the pink goggles.

Brianne playing a swimming game.


Elena said...

So do you take this kiddos white water rafting? :) I need to get my kids in swimming lessons so badly. My oldest is pretty daring and scares the tar out of me. Even goes off the high dive. I'm such a chicken in my old age.