Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mt. Timpanogos and Playing Photographer

My sister Nancy and her family came to stay for the weekend. My girls were so excited when they heard they were coming that they immediately set to work making a countdown calendar and making a homemade treasure hunt for Hayden and Hannah. We had lots of fun when they did FINALLY get here. On the first night we had a BBQ and made smores. The next morning we got up early to hike up to the Timpanogos caves. We were all a little worried about the weather, but we discovered that hiking in the rain was much more pleasant than hiking in the hot 90 degree weather that we did it in last year. The kids all made it with hardly a complaint. We also went to see the copper mines. I have always wanted to see them, and I must say it was a pretty amazing sight.

View from the trail. Sorry this picture is so small, I had to steal it from my sisters blog and this is how big it ended up.

Playing Photographer
One of my hobbies is taking photos, and I love it when anyone lets me practice on them. I got to practice on my niece and nephew when they were here this weekend. I think they turned out cute. Thanks in big part to Photo Shop, and the cute kids posing for the pictures. Sorry I posted so many this was the easiest way I could think of to show Nancy the pictures.

Hayden and Hannah

Here is a candid one that I had a little bit of fun editing.